Building a house in 2021 and beyond.

October 7, 2022

Building a house in 2021 and beyond.

Remember the days of the single-family dwelling, The husband going to work while the wife stayed home to raise the children? Then the illegal suites and the inlaw suites, now the mortgage helpers. Well, things are about to change again.
With covid 19 and the work-from-home phenomenon starting to take root. Housing is going to go up, and individuals will be setting up their offices at home in luxurious surroundings with high-quality furnishings, clean, organized, and very upscale.
As a home builder, are you going to be on the leading edge and putting a beautiful office into a home or keep going with the old basement-suite?
The entrepreneurial movement is gaining momentum, and people are making more and more money while staying home.
These stay-at-home people can now include doctors, lawyers, data entry people, store owners, counselors, investors, money managers, and direct salespeople along with many others.
These people are conscious of their surroundings and can afford to have better stuff in their homes. They can afford granite countertops, heated tile floors, a large ensuite and, more.
You, as a builder, will need to rise to the top of an ever-increasing pile of skilled professionals. You will need to know how to build your business and promote it. You will need your own website and lots of pictures of completed projects, you will need to be active on social media as that is part of the new gig.

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Brad Camp

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