Attention Investors

Attention Investors

Attention investors

Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to make money investing in the real estate market?

Here are a couple of suggestions for you that could get you earning a good R.O.I. Without getting your hands dirty.

One is helping new builders with financing on their new home construction projects. Builders have a difficult time getting the finances in place in order to complete a build and most of the new builders are not well versed when it comes to knowing how to get the financing in place. Most start by going to a bank, then they get turned down and discouraged.

Here is where you can step in. First off most trades people are just that. They are “trades people” they work with their hands and they can create some beautiful projects. Many tho lack a financial skill set.

I’ve seen investors that suggest helping by being a hard money lender. So the builder or tradesperson goes to the bank, gets turned down then has to look for another way to finance the project. Here the interest rate is usually higher than that of a bank.

May I make a suggestion?

This may seem a little bit backwards but trust me it can work. First, list yourself as an investor on and Istockhomes here’s how.

Step 1 Register as a user

Step 2 Fill out an investor listing

Make sure you detail out exactly what your are looking for. You could suggest that you are looking to partner up with a builder that wants to build new houses or partner up with someone who would rather fix and flip old houses. Make sure they are close to your location and then start building a working relationship. If you as the investor take care of all of the financial and legal end of the relationship and have your partner take care of all of the technical end. You could end up getting a good R.O.I. Without getting your hands dirty.

Once listed on and you can sit back and wait for potential trades professionals to contact you. If you offered to pay them a reasonable wage plus a percentage bonus if a house turns a profit the partnership could be beneficial to both you and your trade partner. Just make sure to keep your purse strings tight as tools and materials could add up quickly. Also, every sub-trade should be hired only after getting a minimum of three written quotes.

Give it a shot. You could end up meeting some good people and making some money while you are at it.

Start now by filling out your own Investor Listing